Anna Faris is a cutie, plus she’s funny, so that makes her one hell of a woman. But did you know that Anna Faris also had some really awesome side boob? If you did know that Anna Faris had some really awesome side boob, why didn’t you tell anyone?

I kind of feel bad that I’ve never noticed Anna Faris’s rather nice side boob before this moment. I don’t know if it’s just because I’ve never had the chance to see Anna Faris’s side boob or if my gaze was always stuck on Anna Faris’s cleavage, but man… Anna Faris has some really awesome side boob. I know I should probably feel bad about missing out on Anna Faris’s side boob, but you know, I don’t. There is something about Anna Faris and her side boob that is just making everything okay. It’s just one more thing to love about Anna Faris. She’s hot, she’s funny, and she’s got really awesome side boob.

From here on out I’ll be keeping my eye out for Anna Faris’s side boob. No more just focusing on her ability to make me laugh and turn me on with super hot cleavage of hers. Nope, it’s all about that Anna Faris side boob from now on.