Michael Jackson’s only daughter Paris Jackson shows off her pierced nipples while braless in a completely see through top in the photos below.

Sadly Paris is clearly still dealing with a lot of issues from her childhood, as the sting of rejection from not being molested by her father has taken a toll and now she is acting out with this nipples display. For it must have been quite difficult for Paris to hear about her dad playing games like “cave explorers” and “snake bite” with all those little boys, when the most attention he ever paid to her was the one summer she got gum stuck in her hair and had to cut it short.

However, it is now more obvious than ever that Paris Jackson is not Michael’s biological daughter, as the only black she has in her is when she gets fingered by her grandpappy Joe Jackson at the Thanksgiving dinner table. In fact, looking at these photos it appears as though it is much more likely that Paris is the lovechild of Madonna and Miley Cyrus.