You know, I could totally go on and on about how amazing Morena Baccarin looks in this spread from GQ Mexico. I could talk about how her cleavage looks so awesome no matter if she’s showing it off with a fur wrap or with a leather jacket over her bare chest. Pointing out that only the tiniest hint of Morena Baccarin’s nipple is enough to make a grown man cry, I’m not going to. I’m not going to say anything.

It’s really best to just let the sexy pictures of Morena Baccarin do all the talking for me. After all, what in the world could I say that would accurately describe what Morena Baccarin in a black bra looks like? How can one talk of such perfection, such beauty, such super-amaze-balls hotness and find the right words? The honest truth is Morena Baccarin is stunningly beautiful and trying to talk about the beauty in words is harder than rocket surgery. So, just don’t do it. Don’t talk about Morena Baccarin’s sexiness, stare at the pictures of her sexiness instead.

I would love to be able to talk about Morena Baccarin being completely nude under some kind of fur blanket or wrap or whatever it is, but I simply can’t. I don’t know what one can say about Morena Baccarin in a gold trench coat with only panties on underneath? Nothing. You just have to see for yourself.