An interesting pattern that I’ve noticed is that Australians have a way of keeping their pop stars afloat long after we’ve discarded them in America. While it seems like Iggy Azalea is following in Kyle Minogue’s footsteps of “doing the locomotion” right into obscurit Stateside, in Australia she has been crowned GQ Woman of the Year! We already covered Iggy’s acceptance speech in which she declares that she has an “award-winning vagina,” but now we get to look at her sexy nude spread featuring full blown nip.

The 26-year-old rapper hasn’t done a hell of a lot to make herself likable, but this recently boob-licity stunt is kind of changing my mind. In the GQ spread Iggy Azalea has a, dare I say, natural quality to her, and the focus transitions from her Kardashian-approved ass to her amazing rack. She’s looking human-y in the poolside spread, and in addition to delivering some wet t-shirt action, Iggy bares definitive nip while semi-covering her titter with her hand! I know that you guys can blow hot and cold on Iggy, but hopefully these photos just make you blow something hot. Thoughts?