There’ nothing strange and unusual about FBC’s breasts!
There are very few models and celebrities that can pull of the strange and unusual look and make it really sexy. We can all agree that Winona Ryder pulls it off with great skill, Miley Cyrus as well (though one might call her look just plain strange), but we need to add another name to the list: Frances Bean Cobain.

Daughter of the grunge rock god (and talented artist that left us way too soon) Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, strange is probably in her DNA and she really knows how to make it work. Seeing Frances Bean Cobain in a mesh top while in a bathtub with what appear to be paper lilies around her, that’s very Cobain. And let’s be honest, if it was someone else in that top, we’d all probably find it strange and unusual. Smoking in some kind of weird, puffy sleeved dress that looks like a fever dream wedding, Frances Bean Cobain pulls it off with ease. Top hats, yep, you got it. She truly is a strange and unusual beauty.

If you wanted to make Frances Bean Cobain look out of place, put her in a field of sunflowers wearing a bright and happy sundress. Though, I have a feeling Frances Bean Cobain would probably find a way to make that look for her as well.