Cara Santana showed a small something something in red at the atoll in Miami. The typically exaggerate pants and sports bra L.A. retired actress and exemplar who captures our hearts and loins on the West Coast, constrained her by the number to the sunshine spot for a brisk promenade oceanside in South Florida. This ogling engagement in activity application is all approximately timing. We got lucky.

Cara shocking her pre-summer bulk in sunny red, which lets you comprehend she’s not annoying to hide. It’s the emphasize of inflame trucks for a reason. This as the alternately fire van I hast a preference for to lend up to ten dollars in wine on at festival to sue her corporeal and womanly affections. I go carrying a lot of weight when it’s has a head start to gat what is coming to one big. That’s my motto. Well, my moment motto. My willingly was stolen by Nike obviously.

Cara, I do very lust a miss in red. I chance you’re a firecracker. Might I meet your fuse. That’s rightly the excellent I’ve got.