She Has To Know, Right? We All Know

Do you think there was a moment when Jennifer Lopez realized she had one of the greatest asses on the planet? After all, we had a moment in which we figured out that fact. But is it possible that J-Lo was walking past a mirror one random day and caught a glimpse of her awesome rear end and it didn’t hit her until then? Part of me wants to think she did have a moment like that.

I bet if I asked everyone when they first learned about Jennifer Lopez’s incredible ass the conversation would last for weeks. As for me it was while watching Out of Sight and she was walking around in a tiny Dan Marino jersey and those tiny grey sweat shorts. Goodness I get a chill up my spine just thinking about that. And just think there are some people out there who might be only now learning about what an amazing ass Jennifer Lopez has thanks to this spread from Harper’s Bazaar. Even laying on a diving board her beautiful ass is still on display.

I kind of feel a little jealous of those who will just be learning about Jennifer Lopez’s wondrous rear end. I might need to find my copy of Out of Sight to see if maybe I can re-create that moment when I first learned about J-Lo’s magical booty.