If you found yourself thinking; “Man, after looking through all those incredibly sexy pictures of Nina Dobrev from Men’s Health, I could really use a little more Nina Dobrev sexiness,” then today is your lucky day, because here is more Nina Dobrev sexiness. This time her sexiness comes in the form of a behind the scenes video.

Yes, I’ll fully admit that her latest spread in Men’s Health was incredibly sexy, but it did leave me a little empty on the inside. Maybe empty isn’t the right word… unfulfilled, missing something, it was as if my thirst for sexy Nina Dobrev wasn’t quenched, but rather I was left wanting more. Thankfully the people at Men’s Health must have known this was going to be the case and decided to film a little behind the scenes action to give us more sexy Nina Dobrev. AmI fulfilled, is this enough sexy Nina Dobrev? Well, no, I don’t know if there is ever such a thing as enough sexy Nina Dobrev, but I am very much enjoying seeing more sexy Nina Dobrev.

So, if you are like me and needed a little more Nina Dobrev, then consider your wish granted. But don’t stop wishing for more sexy Nina Dobrev, I know I’m not.