Seeing Emily Ratajkowski Nude For The First Time Must Have Been Amazing

There are people in the world who wish they invented the computer or the cellphone. There are others who wish they had painted a famous masterpiece, and I’m sure there are even some people who wish they found a cure for disease. As for me, I don’t so much wish for fame or fortune, I just wish I was the one who discovered Emily Ratajkowski.

Can you imagine a time when we all didn’t know the name, face, and breasts of Emily Ratajkowski? I’m with you, I can’t really process that idea either, but there was a time when Emily Ratajkowski was just another headshot in a pile of aspiring models. That is until some beautiful, wonderful, and incredibly smart person looked at her and said: “She needs to be everywhere! That’s my new mission in life!” Man, to be that person – the one who gave the world Emily Ratajkowski – would be so amazing. It’s not like you would need any sort of prize or big award for finding Emily Ratajkowski and giving the world the wonderful treat of her nude body. On the contrary, seeing Emily Ratajkowski without any clothes is a reward in itself.

Just imagine being the first person to look through the lens of a camera at a topless Emily Ratajkowski. That must have been the single greatest moment in that photographer’s life. I know I’m not alone when I say that seeing Emily Ratajkowski nude for the first time was one of the greatest moments in my life