More Than Just The Face With J-Lo
There really is an art to taking a great selfie, not everyone can do it. Believe me I have tried to take awesome selfies, and they all make me look like a blurry, half sleepy, half drunk version of myself. Thankfully there are some who not only know the art of taking selfies, they have mastered it, like Jennifer Lopez.
Now, there are some out there who are probably saying that all you need to do to take a great selfie is have the camera focus on the face. To that I say –HA, good sir, HA! I laugh in your face. Sure, you need your face in the pic, but when all of you is sexy you need to make sure you get as much sexiness in the picture as you can. And that’s exactly what J-Lo has done. This Instagram pic has her beautiful face, her legendary rear end, and her fantastic side boob. And even though we can’t see it, I’m pretty sure this outfit is also rocking some pretty amazing cleavage as well.
If you ask me there is nothing better than a super sexy selfie that shows off all the best features and even hints at a couple more. J-Lo is the master of many things so it’s not all that surprising that she also knows the best way to take a selfie.