Last week we got a peek at Salma Hayek’s insanely sexy photo shoot for GQ Mexico, and this week we finally got the rest of the images. Let me tell you, they do NOT disappoint! While the epically tiny bra in the first picture doesn’t return, we get plenty more cleavage shots this time around, plus an ass pic that you’ll be seeing every time you close your eyes. Just to clarify when you see the image, you are NOT looking at a sexy watermelon, but rather an actual human ass that belongs to none other than the our favorite busty brunette, Salma Hayek.

At 50-years-old Salma Hayek is still as beautiful as ever, and proves that she knows how to work the hell out of a camera in the shoot for GQ Mexico. Sure we’ve got the ass shot (which I still have pulled up on my screen), but we also see her toned torso, incomparably sultry stare, and just… all the boobies. If you were rooting for the Indians, these pictures will help assuage your depression, and if you were rooting for the Cubs, the pics will definitely help you celebrate this weekend!